Official Partners made the whole Vantaa 2016 –event possible

Chao Wei, Pelle Lindell, Airi Pantsu & Jussi Haapamäki


The European Transplant Sport Championships took place in Vantaa last summer.  The event was the biggest disability sport event ever to be organised in Finland. Right from the planning stage it was clear that the partner organizations would have an important role. Their contribution would make the whole event possible.

The EU, the City of Vantaa and the Ministry of Education and Culture all had an important role – before the whole event even started. The City of Vantaa was involved in the practical arrangements – enabling the different sport events in many venues. The EU’s and the Ministry of Education Culture's financial support made the whole European Championship event financially viable for the organisers.

In addition, there were nearly ten corporate partners that enabled the practical arrangements - such as the logistics and the accommodation arrangements. The most important proof of a collective success was the fact that during the European Championships the guests enjoyed themselves and events were held on schedule. This all meant that the athletes were able to concentrate on their respective sport events – and that the supporters were able to cheer for the athletes.

Text: Hannes Penttilä