Location and address

The venue is of very high quality and within close proximity to the Helsinki Airport. There is also free shuttle service from the airport to the Congress Center.

The street address is Robert Huberin tie 4, 01510 Vantaa.


Helsinki centre   17 km  
 Helsinki railway station   17 km 
 Vantaa bus station   6 km 
 Helsinki Airport  3 km 
 Helsinki Harbour   18 km 

Traffic connections

Traffic arrangements at the Helsinki airport are changing due to construction. Please note that the driving directions to Rantasipi Airport have changed. When arriving from the direction of Kehä III, take a turn towards the airport / Veromies. When arriving from the airport, please follow the signs towards Veromies.

Public Transportation

The I-train runs from the Helsinki railway station and Tikkurila to Helsinki airport. The closest train station to the hotel is Aviapolis, from where it is about 20 minutes by foot to the hotel. Alternatively you can take the train to the airport and take the free airport transport to the hotel according to the schedule.

From Tikkurila you can take buses 562 and 575. The closest stop to the hotel is Pyhtäänkorvenkuja, which is 700 meters from the hotel.

Arriving to Helsinki

By plane

Helsink-Vantaa international airport is accessible from numerous European cities. I takes 3-5 hours from most of the European countries to fly to Finland. 

The Airport has free of charge shuttle service to and from the Vantaa 2016 accommodation hotels. Timetable can be found HERE.

Be wary that some of the low-budjet airlines fly to Tampere Airport (approx. 180 km from Helsinki) instead of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The LOC only provides transportation from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to the accommodation hotel.

For more information about Helsinki-Vantaa airport:

By ferry

There are many ferry services arriving from Sweden, Germany, Estonia and Poland that can be used to arrive to Helsinki. Most frequent services are from Stockholm, Sweden and From Tallinn, Estonia. Most ferries arrive to Helsinki city center and have excellent public transportation possibilities.

Ferry services

By car

Helsinki is accessible by car only if arriving by ferry with a car. Finland has right-handed traffic and it is generally easy to navigate.

Helsinki, or Finland in general, is not very accessible by car from main Europe. Finland is connected to Sweden and Norway in the North but arriving by car is only recommended for Norwegians and Swedes living in higher latitudes.

Inquiries and Other Information