The Games are a multi-sport event. The sports are volleyball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, cycling, ten-pin bowling, petanque, swimming, golf, cross-country running and athletics. Athletes are divided into age groups (5-17, 18-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+).

Competition events

  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Tabletennis
  • Cycling
  • Petanque
  • Swimming
  • Cross-country running
  • Athletics
  • 10-pin bowling

Social Sport event

  • Floorball

General rules

  • All competitors must have had a successful Heart, Lung(s) or Heart-Lung transplant.
  • The transplant must have taken place no later than 6 months before the Championships and all competitors must be free from complications and have trained for the sports he/she is to take part in.
  • Each competitor must have a certificate of medical fitness completed by a doctor from his/her Transplant Hospital. If such certificates are not completed in full, the person concerned may be excluded from competing.
  • The Doctor appointed by the LOC to examine medical certificates may also recommend the exclusion of a competitor if he is unhappy with the information provided to him or considers a competitor medically unfit to compete.
  • Each competitor may take part in maximum of 5 events (+volleyball, relays and Biathlon).
  • The LOC will endeavour to facilitate all participants in their chosen events; however scheduling difficulties may arise necessitating some alterations.  Team managers will be consulted and advised regarding any such changes.
  • Each sport is governed by current International Rules unless specified otherwise in this document.
  • Participating National Associations are required to have paid all outstanding membership fees to the EHLTF before entering the Championships.
  • Each National Association may only have one National Team representing them at our Championships.
  • In keeping with our membership criteria where only one National Association can be recognised as member of the EHLTF, so it is with teams at our Championships. It is therefore important to note that where a National Association already exists the Championships organisers will return any applications sent directly to them from individual transplant members.
  • Any EHLTF National Association planning our Championships, or likely to bid for them in the future, is reminded that it is not permissible for individuals or groups to register independently.
  • The exception is from transplants/friends whose countries are not yet members of the EHLTF.
  • Athletes from non-member countries of the EHLTF may be invited by the host country to compete in the Championships. No individual entries are allowed where a National Association exists. If the LOC receive such applications they are to be returned.
  • Individual entrants have to comply with EHLTF Rules & Regulations and any LOC rules.
  • Individual entrants will not have access to the EHLTF General Assembly nor be allowed to be present at the Team Managers briefings.
  • The day of their event, competitors must report and properly register sufficiently in advance before the beginning of their event.
  • Individual entrants are invited to participate in the parade of athletes behind all EHLTF National Associations and may carry their national flag.
  • Names of participants in teams or relays may be reported on the morning of the event. Cancellations must be reported on the morning of the event, (except for medical reasons, which may take place at any time.).
  • The organisers cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries to person or for damage or lost property. All participants must carry proper insurance for accident, health, property and travel.
  • Participants who choose to represent an International team in Swimming and Athletics relay’s and Volleyball, may be disqualified by the Judiciary Panel, if  their National Team manager considers this action contrary to the interest of his team, and lodges an appeal.
  • No new age category was introduced for younger participants, but host countries should always ensure that age differences are carefully considered and medals awarded to recognize special effort, and to reward participation.

Age categories (Men and Women)

The following age categories will apply to all Track and Field, Swimming and Racquet Events:

Age Category  
Juniors Up to 17 years
Adults 18–34 years
Seniors 35–44 years
Veterans 45–54 years
Super Veterans 55–59 years
Old boys and girls 60–64 years
Super Old Boys and Girls 65–69 years
Very Special Old Persons 70+ years


  • In doubles, the age of the younger of the pair will apply
  • The age of the competitor on the opening date of the Championships will define the age category.
  • There are no age categories in golf, volleyball, swimming or athletic relays.