Tikkurila Swimming Hall

  • Address: Läntinen Valkoisenlähteentie 50, 01300 Vantaa


  • Wednesday 13th of July at 9 am.


  1. 50m Freestyle
  2. 50m Breast stroke
  3. 50m Backstroke
  4. 100m Freestyle
  5. 100m Breaststroke
  6. 100m Backstroke
  7. Relay 4 x 50m

Competition (Relays)

  • Timed heats, best 6-8 to finals
  • No Age Categories apply in this event.
  • Countries have to field their strongest team.
  • A country may be represented by more than one team in both male and female relays
  • International relay teams are allowed.
  • Mixed gender relay teams are NOT allowed.

Starting lists (HL = European Heart and Lung Championships)