Local Organizing Committee is introducing floorball as a social sport event in the European Transplant Sport Championships, held in Vantaa, Finland 10.–17.7.2016. The event will take place on 13th of July at the Myyrmäki-hall, starting at 3pm. It is not an official medal event in the Championships, but the top three teams will receive medals specified to the floorball tournament.

The tournament is played with mixed teams and every team have to have at least one female athlete on court. Also, every team can have players from both the European Transplant and Dialysis Sport Championships and the European Heart and Lung Transplant Championships. Every participating country can enter only one team to the tournament.

The purpose is that all the athletes can have a chance to participate in a same event, regardless of their background. The mixed team tournament is a natural way to bring together the athletes taking part in both EHLTF and ETDSF competitions. Also, the athletes who are interested in trying out floorball for the first time have an equal chance to participate, as no experience of floorball is required. Floorball equipment will be provided by the organisers, but athletes must bring their own indoor sports shoes.

We hope to offer all the participants and viewers a great atmosphere, magnificent goals and great team play. The spectators should remember to share the great mood of this floorball event in the social media!

Floorball teams can’t be signed up to the Championships via the Registration system as it is not an official event. Every country can announce their team to the organizers in the first team leader meeting in Vantaa.

Floorball is a type of indoor hockey with five field players and a goalkeeper on each team. The sticks and the ball are made of plastic. The game was developed in the 1960s and 1970s in Sweden. Today floorball is a popular sport in Finland: there are nearly 900 floorball clubs and more than 50 000 licensed players.

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