Heikki Tikkanen kickstarted the Transplant Sport Workshops

Heikki Tikkanen (on the left)

The Transplant Sport Workshops started on Tuesday with two sessions chaired by Professor Heikki Tikkanen from the University of Eastern Finland. Both sessions were under the same title: “Organ Transplant Recipients’ Physical Trainability and Fitness Testing”.

Tikkanen started the first Workshop with the basics. He told about a human physiology and what kind of impact exercising has on respiratory and circulatory system. Tikkanen underlined that a human being is an entity. If there’s for example problems with lungs, it has impact on many things. That is why there should be numerous different things to consider when programming exercising for an individual.

After the start of exercising the health benefits of physical activity increases rapidly and it’s possible to raise training responses densely, but when you stop exercising the benefits also go away very fast.

Tikkanen thinks that it’s important to have exact information of what the person with organ transplant have done physically before transplantation because that has massive impact on his or her trainability after the transplant.

In the first two workshops there were some presentations based on personal experiences on physical activity and trainability after the organ transplant that gave nice flavour to the more medical and scientific discussion.

The Transplant Workshops continue on Wednesday. The schedule can be found from HERE.

Text: Heidi Skantz & Lauri Jaakkola