Why work as a volunteer?

  • As a volunteer you get new experiences, learn new things and meet new people.
  • Volunteer work gives you an opportunity to help, learn new, find your own strengths, meet new people, belong some group, do something new and get new skills for life.
  • Volunteer work is equal for everyone and it’s your choice to participate, volunteers don’t get paid, volunteers give their own skills and abilities to benefit a cause, volunteer is trusted and respects confidentiality.
  • Volunteer commits to given tasks, gets information about the work, gets and gives feedback, gets support, advices and education for volunteering task and assignments.
  • We expect commitment from volunteers and volunteers need to honor work, rules, timetables and participants.

As a volunteer in Vantaa 2016 you will work in an international atmosphere and in a unique, one of a kind event. The Vantaa 2016 events give you the opportunity and chance to work in different tasks and roles. Flexible, open minded and teamwork attitude will make amazing and memory rich event!

Volunteers will get education and training for tasks and volunteering roles and basic information covering of the all event. Volunteers will get a work cloth and food. After your volunteering period you will recieve a diploma which can be helpful in the future. Participating Vantaa 2016, you simply can’t avoid to meet new and interesting people and learn new things – how good does that sound!

Experience something new and unique next summer – so, register as soon as possible!

Towards summer 2016!

Use the following link to register: REGISTER HERE!

All registrations will be reviewed and everyone will recieve a confirmation later.

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